"If you want to stop spinning your wheels and start creating your life, my ground will get you there."

Who I am: A body-centered psychotherapist, a spiritual mentor, and a soul guide who will teach you how to connect to your inner compass.

I hold a double Masters Degree in Counseling Psychology and Education, and have been a therapist and teacher for over 20 years. I am a 500-hour trained yoga teacher, an intitiated Shamanic practitioner, and I hold certifications in energy body work with both biodynamic craniosacral work and reiki. 

Because I was born deeply rooted to the earth and vastly expansive, I hold the gift of wisdom. My own lived experiences, education and trainings have given me the ability to help you find your own ground.

“To be rooted is perhaps the most important & least recognized need of the human soul.” Simone Weil


Why do you need to feel rooted and find your ground?

You are seeking emotional harmony, a fulfilling and peaceful lifestyle, but more often than not you feel disconnected from your core essence. Finding your ground, feeling centered and defining your purpose will get you closer to the confidence, strength and empowerment you seek. The solutions to your ailments exist INside of you, not OUTside of you.   

Like all living things, like anything shedding a layer, like all revolutions, we must ROOT to RISE.

My grounded-ness has given me the capacity to hold impeccable space for your healing journey,  teach you how to BE SELFISH, and love that about yourself.  

I focus on your body as a container of infinite intelligence. Together we will unearth your internal medicine.

My gift is to ease-fully connect with your essence and help you unravel your chaos to uncover your own divine purpose and bring home the pieces of your soul that have been lost or forgotten. I will help you turn confusion into intelligence, courage and freedom.  

I'm a nature and embodiment junky and a teacher whose passion lies in guiding you to peel back the layers and stories you have collected thus far in this life so that you can feel free and be purposeful.  We are all conditioned by patterns. Often times these patterns cause pain and confusion. As I guide you to gently peel back the layers, your divine soul’s purpose has the space to emerge. 

Do you believe this is possible for you? I’m here to tell you that it is!

Most days I can be found: Nurturing my garden, cooking, listening to live music, moving my body, playing around with style and decor, doing my own soul work.   

I believe in the dream-world - it holds potent information for healing. I am always deepening my connection to mother earth, and I love to hold space for others to unwind their chaos.  

I am always questioning the paradigms imposed on us by society:

  • Why do we have to buy another ‘thing’ to solve our problems?

  • Why are we constantly connected to our phones and the internet?

  • Why is medication the preferred elixir to our anxieties?

  • Why did we elect a reality TV star to be our president?

  • Why are we reading and buying a script that is laid out for us instead of writing our own life script?

  • Why is this culture so ill?

  • How can we bring back humble ritual?

  • Why the fuck is everyone going so fast?

  • How many ways does the patriarchy hold women back from their fullest expressions?

I am always striving to: Guide others through old patterns towards new and desirable ways of being. These patterns live in our bodies.

I have been through many of my own transformations so I know what it feels like to align my soul and physical body. It can feel uncomfortable, messy and disorienting. There is a way into that and through it. 

Hear me when I say this. Messy is an integral part of change.

As a skilled psychic woman I know what it’s like to cultivate a deep trust within. I will teach you how to trust yourself deeply, so no matter what happens, you can stand strong like a tree rooted deeply in the ground.

If you are looking to find inner peace by connecting with a guru to give you all of the answers on how to fix yourself so that you can go back to your life as you were, I’m here to tell you that dream does not exist.

The truth is that you are tired of the same things happening to you, and if you want to change that, it will require some digging into your soul. Your soul is aching for a change. There is work to be done, my friend.

This  work is called REBIRTH, and I can tell you that it is possible for you to shift the direction of your life.

If you are ready to become a more powerful version of you and change your life send me a message below and we will schedule a free consult to see if we are a good fit.

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